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Friday, November 17, 2006

Ohio College Basketball Rankings by Ohio Sports Time - Week #1

Below is the initial 2006-2007 Ohio College Basketball Rankings for Division I-A college basketball programs located in the state of Ohio. We will update this list throughout the season as I will be casting my vote along with Dan Whitmyer, head basketball writer for VanDelay Sports. Each week we will also offer a few notes before the rankings to help you all understand where we came up with these rankings.

The 2006-2007 college basketball season has begun and a couple of interesting all-Ohio match-ups have already taken place. Miami hosted Wright State on Saturday and fell 57-56 and on Sunday Ohio State pulled away from Kent State after just a 3-point lead at the half to win 81-59. In out-of-conference play we will see several other all-Ohio games this season including Miami vs. Dayton, Xavier and UC, Kent vs. Cleveland State & Youngstown State, UC vs. both Ohio and Ohio State and more.

1. Ohio State (26) – 3-0

2. Cincinnati (24) – 3-0

3. Xavier (22) - 1-0

4. Akron (20) - 1-1

5. Dayton (17) - 1-0

6. Toledo (14) – 0-1

7t. Ohio (13) – 1-0

7t. Kent State (13) – 2-1

9. Miami (11) – 0-2

10. Wright State (10) – 1-0

11. Cleveland State (6) – 1-1

12t. Bowling Green (3) – 1-0

12t. Youngstown State (3) – 1-2


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