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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ohio Sports Time's Ohio College Basketball Rankings

Below is the latest 2006-2007 Ohio College Basketball Rankings for Division I-A college basketball programs located in the state of Ohio from Ohio Sports Time.
With several upsets involving Ohio teams on both sides these rankings will get more and more difficult. As a result we are adding in RPI rankings as a factor as well, but we can all agree that the #1 team in the state this year is from Columbus. Feel free to post your comments.

1. Ohio State – 11-2 – RPI #25

2. Dayton – 10-3 – RPI #60

3. Ohio – 9-3 – RPI #65

4. Xavier – 9-4 – RPI #71

5. Cincinnati – 9-4 – RPI #122

6. Akron – 8-3 – RPI #147

7. Youngstown State – 7-7 – RPI #123

8. Kent State – 7-5 – RPI #142

9. Toledo – 4-8 – RPI #162

10. Miami – 4-8 - RPI #150

11. Cleveland State – 6-9 – RPI #214

12. Bowling Green – 9-4 – RPI #252

13. Wright State – 7-6 – RPI #197


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    Wow, we're ahead of X? Sweet.

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