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Monday, February 19, 2007

MAC Football Recruiting Analysis Released by VanDelay Sports

Cleveland, Ohio - Since the late 1990’s, VanDelay Sports has been bringing Mid-American Conference football fans something they could rarely find elsewhere; in-depth coverage of MAC football teams. Before the main-stream media caught on the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of alumni and fans of MAC schools scattered across the USA, Nick Gerogosian began VanDelaySports.com. With the intention of giving MAC football programs some of the additional exposure they so sorely deserve, Gerogosian also began his annual MAC Football Recruiting Report. Released each February after MAC football recruiting classes are announced, the VanDelay Sports recruiting report has quite a strong following. “While our traffic is strong all-year round, the MAC recruiting report drives some of the highest traffic numbers to our site,” said Gerogosian.

The 2007 edition of the VanDelay Sports MAC Football Recruiting Report features an in-depth look at each team’s 2007 recruiting class breaking the classes down by position. Gerogosian also lists his top recruits for each team and the top recruits throughout the conference. His data is gathered from a number of sources including both large and small recruiting sources, school media departments, and from his own experience as a high school referee.


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