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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Could Vince Young fall to the Browns at #12?

With the NFL draft fast-approaching, speculation is running wild on who will be available for the Cleveland Browns who hold the #12 pick. Picking one spot lower is inter-division rival Baltimore, the team that also happens to be the previous employer for Browns 2nd-year Sr. VP and General Manager, Phil Savage. Knowing that Baltimore is in definite need for a Quarterback, it is doubtful that a player with the talent that former Texas Longhorns QB Vince Young could slip past the Browns at #12. But today I heard 850 WKNR in Cleveland discussing this possibility at length on the Greg Brinda show.

After watching Vince Young lead the Texas Longhorns to the 2005 National Championship and beat the heavily-favored Trojans of USC in the Rose Bowl, I just cannot see how Young could fall as far as #12 in the NFL Draft. Sure, Young supposedly scored a 6 on the Wonderlic Test leading teams to possibly drop him on their draft boards, but this guy is the kind of player you want on your team when you are on the field. Other criticisms of Young include his side-arm throwing motion and his college offense being mostly from the shotgun in a spread offense. But against the best competition in college football Young continually excelled beating teams like USC, Ohio State and Oklahoma during his senior year.

Honestly, I don’t see Young falling to #12. You can talk all you want about Jay Cutler, the QB from Vanderbilt, being drafted ahead of Young. But I just cannot see how Cutler could be picked ahead of an athlete with the playmaking ability of Young. However, there is one thing I do know. Young has looked good while wearing orange in leading his team to a championship in the past, and I am certain that he would look good in orange while leading his team to a championship in the future as well.


  • At 4/13/2006, Blogger dwhit said…


    1. I don't think there's any way that Young slips to #12. I believe that there are some teams who truely did drop him down their draft board, but others are putting up smoke screens like we see every year to gain leverage, and keep teams drafting ahead/behind them in the dark on their actual draft plans. The concerns about his throwing motion seem overblown to an extent. I've heard scouts say that if you put up a sheet and just watch the ball come out of his hand it looks natural.

    2. If Young did somehow slip to #12. I have a hard time believing that the Browns would draft him. With how high the front office is on Charlie Frye and with pressing needs on the defensive side of the ball, I don't think Browns brass could justify the use of a pick and some serious $$$ on a position that seems to be locked down. If Young's still on the board at #12 I'd be shocked if Cleveland didn't trade the pick, as it would be the last chance for a team that really wanted Young to take him before the Ravens snatch him up.


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