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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Welcome to Ohio Sports Time - It's Sports Time, Ohio!

Since I became familiar with blogs several months ago, I have been intrigued by the idea of having my own. Out of courtesy to a couple of MAC fan sites I have been putting off blogging about MAC football and basketball, despite running the popular MAC sports fan site VanDelaySports.com. But living in Ohio, and rooting for almost every major Ohio sports team you can think of, I often find myself wanting to comment on the Reds, Indians, Browns, Bengals, Bobcats, RedHawks, Rockets, Falcons, Bearcats, Blue Jackets, Zips, Golden Flashes and even the Buckeyes. Plus I know my regional sports pretty well since I have followed the MAC and Big Ten for so many years.

So this initial entry is an exciting one for me. I am looking for this blog to be a way to voice my educated opinion. You see, I get annoyed by know-nothings who have strong opinions on topics they know little to nothing about. For example, WTAM 1100 in Cleveland had their morning sports report in late January and the Sports Director, Mike Snyder, kept referring to the Mid-American Conference as the M-A-C, reading each letter individually. I kindly called in and told the guy who answered to tell Mike that the correct way to say it is “MAC” (sounds like “mack”). The guy on the phone asked me if I was offended by calling it the M-A-C, and I politely told him that I was not, I just wanted to make sure that Mike didn’t sound foolish.

The WTAM employee went on to rudely tell me that Mid-American Conference commissioner Rick Cryst calls it the M-A-C all of the time and that I was wrong. Now, I have been a die-hard fan of the conference for well over a decade and I don’t think I have once heard anyone refer to the MAC as the M-A-C. It was obvious that WTAM didn’t care. Needless to say I was more than a little bit annoyed.

So now, when things like this occur, I can tell you about it. Not to mention the fact that I’ll have the opportunity to regularly comment on the sports news across the state. My partner in crime, Dan Whitmyer will be joining me on this blog, and together we should have plenty to talk about. Some topics may be very interesting to you; others may not. But I can guarantee that I’ll rant on topics in which I know what I am talking about. Expect a lot of MLB, NFL, NBA, College football and basketball and maybe a little NHL talk on this blog. And as you can tell I am a MAC fan, so you can expect the “little guys” to get their fair share of recognition as well. We won’t dwell on Ohio State the way the papers and TV stations do, but we’ll give them their just due when we find it appropriate.

I hope you enjoy our new blog - it's Sports Time, Ohio!


  • At 3/29/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hmm, you guys are doing what I have been doing for two years now...maybe we could join forces?


    Matt Barker
    O-H-I-O SportsNet


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