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Monday, August 21, 2006

Green or Suggs??

As the Cleveland Browns progress through the preseason there are questions that still need to be answered. One of these remaining questions swirls around the depth at running back. With Reuben Droughns the clear-cut starter; who will be the number two runner? William Green or Lee Suggs?

I think it’s obvious that rookie Jerome Harrison, a fifth-round draft pick, is the favorite for handling the situations on third down. Harrison scored a touchdown in both of Cleveland’s first two preseason games, and amassed over 100 total yards against the Detroit Lions. He’s a spark that possesses great speed for changing the pace with Droughns.

So, what will the Browns do with Suggs and Green?

The decision appeared to be made last week when the Browns attempted to trade Suggs to the NY Jets. After Suggs apparently failed a physical, he was sent back to Cleveland leaving a decision to be made by Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage.

Last season Green averaged 3.9 yards on a mere 20 carries. Suggs averaged only 1.9 yards on just eight attempts. With the emergence of Harrison it seems obvious that the Browns do not need to keep both players on the roster.

Green has had trouble staying on the field due to personal situations that have resulted in suspension by the NFL. Suggs has had trouble staying on the field due to injuries.

So, what will the Browns do with Suggs and Green?

Both players do not have great trade value because of their histories, but here’s hoping the Browns choose to stick with Suggs and attempt to trade Green. Green's vision and ability to break tackles is completely missing. He doesn’t drive his legs at the initial point of contact and seems to collapse on the first hit. He no longer seems to be able make any plays unless a clear hole is opened up by the line.

On the other hand, Suggs does show a knack for having vision. He can create plays even when the blocking up front breaks down. It’s a tough decision for the front office to make between two backs that have shown ability to run the ball at the NFL level, but right now it seems that Suggs should be the player to keep.


  • At 9/01/2006, Blogger dwhit said…

    My vote (which really counts for a lot) is for Green.

    With what Droughns has shown through a season and what Harrison has shown through the preseason we're not looking for a guy to go in and make a bunch of carries (assuming the injury bug stays away). I think the choice is as simple as this... Green has value on Special Teams, Suggs does not. Gotta keep Green.


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